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Specialist information and consulting services that inform and guide executive decisions.

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Information Services

Our journalists and researchers produce topical news, opinion, case-studies, training materials, events and conferences that keep our customers up-to-date, compliant and abreast of developments in their sectors.


Tools & Resources

Our range of training material, tools and resources help our customers deliver excellence every day. Subscribers have access to a range of experts and resources that differentiate us from other information providers.


Conferences & Events

Our conferences, Webinars and Events provide a natural setting for peer exchange and interaction with experts. We are committed to helping our customers build professional support networks to enhance their working lives.

Our Portfolio

We derive experience, excellence and expertise from a relentless focus on our ever-changing markets and customer needs.

SportBusiness International, TV Sports Markets, Sports Sponsorship Insider and SportBusiness Intelligence deliver the inside track on the business of sport. We specialise in tracking rights and sponsorship deals, daily news and analysis, and provide bespoke consulting services to key accounts.

Trusted by...

The customers of our sports brands are among the leading establishments in their fields in the country. Our customers also benefit from a range of partnerships with nationally accredited and globally recognised industry leaders, who provide complementary services to ours.



Our institutional and private investors are long-standing supporters of Electric Word’s investment activities, with some investors having been with us from the start. The executive team are committed to acting in the best interests of the shareholders and we work hard to make sure that our objectives, and the objectives of our shareholders, are aligned.

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Electric Word has always been a great place to work. We work hard to achieve the right blend of job satisfaction, professionalism and fun, with training and staff development a key focus of management. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals so why not take a look at our careers page and see if we have something right now for you.

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